SOAR Index

We've developed a groundbreaking algorithm defining the relationship between employee wellbeing (health, happiness and productivity) and organisational wellbeing (performance, staff retention and morale).

The SOAR App will also provide a potent conduit for communicating organisational culture and values.

SOAR Index

The SOAR Index is a unique and simple way to track both an individual’s and an organisation’s wellbeing.

The Index places the employee/organisation on a wellbeing continuum that allows them to easily track their progress.

SOAR metrics

The SOAR metrics begin with an on boarding questionnaire that assesses both an employee’s health and lifestyle.

Through ‘weekly reflection’ questions at the end of the week and month the metrics then track completion of rituals, progress towards goals, how the user feels, and productivity.

SOAR coach

SOAR uses Functional Medicine Health Coaches* who integrate cutting-edge knowledge of the human body with personalised, science-based care to address the root causes of chronic disease - lifestyle choices, environments, and genetic influences.

The focus is on prevention rather than cure, and the early sensing of those who are vulnerable.

Weekly rituals

The SOAR app supports you in implementing the little lifestyle changes that make a big difference to your health, happiness and productivity...

We call these Rituals.