Our vision, mission & values

We are passionate about optimising and tracking the wellbeing of your employees, enabling you to unlock your organisation’s
full potential. SOAR will grow into a voice activated digital wellbeing assistant.

We’ll work together with you to tailor our unique human/digital ecosystem to your needs so that it
becomes an indispensable tool for optimising your productivity and retention.

We believe in sustainability, diversity and collaboration.

The origins of SOAR

The founder, Chris Nelson, has a globally-acclaimed retreat centre in Goa - ‘Ashiyana’, that has spawned a book about unlocking human potential - ‘Wake Up and SOAR’, which in turn has led to the SOAR App. Chris and team SOAR have a passion for supporting people in this time of uncertainty and spiralling chronic issues.

How we work

Meet the Team

Chris Nelson


  • Entrepreneur, writer, speaker and yoga teacher
  • SOAR App is based on Chris’ book – ‘Wake-Up & SOAR’
  • Founded Ashiyana Retreat, one of the best known yoga and healing centres in the world
  • Ashiyana Brazil and EU opening 2019 and 2020
  • 25yrs creating businesses around natural healthcare

Hasher Marouf


  • Heads up development agency of expert programmers, focusing on data science, AI and the integration of both in apps and platforms
  • Has been developing software for more than a decade, having started his career as a UI/UX designer

Amber Letz

Head Of Coach Support

  • Functional Medicine Health Coach
  • Over 17 yrs of weight loss experience including food addiction, lifestyle change, meal planning and healthy living
  • Specialises in preventing Type II diabetes using a Functional Medicine Approach that includes positive psychology

Rashid Hoosenally

Advisory Board

  • Investor in disruptive early stage startups and a strategic advisor to several of them
  • 24 years in International Finance and Investment Banking, managing 100+ teams in over 30 countries, significant experience in Talent Management and Retention
  • Economics degree from Cambridge University

Philipp Beer

Advisory Board

  • Marketing Executive, Google hardware, EMEA
  • Angel investor and entrepreneur with a passion for ideas and technologies that that can change the world positively
  • Creative and a forward thinking with a multicultural background, having lived and worked in Germany, Spain, USA, Singapore, Australia, Ireland and the UK.