A revolution in
employee wellbeing!

We are passionate about optimising the wellbeing and productivity of your employees, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your organisation.

SOAR’s human and digital wellbeing eco-system aggregates individual employee wellbeing metrics to create a comprehensive analytics platform for you.

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Through a combination of human and digital support, SOAR empowers employees to implement small, daily actions that drive a sustained evolution in their health, happiness and productivity which directly impact an organisation’s performance, staff retention and morale.

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The UK Workplace

"75% of employees were stressed at work last year;

60% of work absence is due to stress"

"More people than ever are looking to their employers to learn, track and take charge of their physical and mental health"

The age of stress & chronic disease

"In the digital age, with limited time and stressful workloads, we can harness the power of health coaching and human support, together with AI, to help restore balance in our lives and optimise our wellbeing."

- Sadie Frost

The SOAR Wellbeing Continuum